epay will lauch visa card soon, but not now, please kindly note

Since we have been frequently asked about details of the visa card and master card, So let us be clear please: we don't offer visa card and master card now, but we will do this thing soon, please pay close attention to our website.

Now, theie is only one award program working------awards for merchants

Details: If you have a website, accept it as payment option to get $10, and your 1st referral will be rewarded $5. 10000 Epay members are on the way to join your site.  LINK: https://www.epay.com/about_activity.html

Which is really a good business opportunity, especially for those new websites who are looking for large number of members.

We have 5 merchants who have accepted Epay as their payment service now in total. All of them have benefited from us since we have transferred a lot of Epay users into their own users. Especially 2receive.com.Anyone can learn from their success stories and achieve the same success in your business today! Just by accepting Epay.