Hurry to mark!! The Most Comprehensive Comparisons for Paypal,Epay,Webmoney,Perfectmoney,Payza!

Deposit options:
Paypal(  wire transfer, accepts almost all major credit cards and debit cards to deposit
Epay( international wire transfer, exchanger, credit card
Perfect Money(  wire transfer, exchanger, bitcoin
Payza(  bank wire, credit card, bitcoin
Webmoney(  bank wire, prepaid card, credit card, e-currencies etc..

Withdraw options:
Paypal:  Credit card, debit card, wire transfer. Paypal will charge you a lit bit high fee when you withdraw money under a certain amount, which varies from country to country.
Epay:  International wire transfer, exchanger, credit card. Epay charges only $18 when withdraw via wire transfer, no any extra service fee.
Perfect Money:  The funds from your perfect money account can be withdrawn directly to your bank account only via their exchangers.
Payza:  Bank wire, credit card, bitcoin. Payza charges about $15.00 when customers withdraw balance to their bank account.
Webmoney:  Bank wire, prepaid card, credit card, e-currencies. Webmoney charges 1% service fee when taking withdrawl

Transaction fee:
Paypal:  PayPal takes 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and has no setup or monthly fees.
Epay:  It’s free to pay and get paid from one Epay account to another.
Payza:  It is free to send funds via payza and it charges 2.50 % + $2.90 HKD to receive funds.
Perfect Money:  Perfect Money charges a fee of 0.5% per transaction.
Webmoney:  Signing up and receiving WebMoney (WM units) from other users is free. Sending WM units to other accounts incurs a fee of 0.8%

Is it regulated payment processor or not:
Paypal: PayPal, Inc was granted series licenses such as banking license or other finiancial business Licenses. It is fully secure payment processor.
Epay:  Epay is a China-licensed payment company and has the Hong Kong Money Service Operators Licensing and got the PCI DSS Certificate.
Payza:  It is an UK-licensed payment service provider. But it's very likely they created and operated Egopay using a whole network of offshore companies. And as anybody know Egopay just scammed their clients out of their money.
Perfect Money:  It is an anonymous offshore processor and you never know what the unknown operator may is going to do next.
Webmoney:  In November 2015, WebMoney Europe Ltd. with head offices in Cambridge, United Kingdom announced the FCA licence acquisition that allows to issue e-money in all countries within the European Economic Area.

Is bank account or credit card required to open an account?
Paypal: yes, customers need to verify their paypal account via credit card or debit card.
Epay: no
Payza: no
Perfect Money: no
Webmoney: no

In summary:
Paypal: One of paypal’s downside is that its use is restricted by region. Paypal is not supported in some countries especially some not so developed countries. Another downside of paypal is its reputation. Customers have read many many scare stories of PayPal simply closing down accounts with thousands of dollars in it whilst they "Investigate" something that was against their terms and conditions.
Payza: Since Egopay closed down due to its fraud, payza has been not so highly recommended by people though it’s an UK-licensed provider and it is mostly used in PTC sites before. Now It stops offering service for UK and USA.
Perfect Money: Perfect Money has good user experience no matter for both service and costs.  A major shortcoming of it is their service of withdrawl we have mentioned above. Of course, its anonymity also concerned as a deficiency by people.  Further, Perfect Money does not offer its services in USA.
Webmoney: Webmoney is mostly used in Forex and we all know there are are so many people involved in it. However, it is a bit complicated for users to use this kind of payment option. Moreover, many users has said that there are few sites that they can earn with Webmoney, so they will take PM as an alternative. Maybe this is the reason why WM is not so popular as perfect money.  
Epay: Compared with all aboved processors, epay is legal, easy to use and won’t freeze your account at any time for almost any reason. The most common complaint for this new payment processor maybe its lack of some features, such as customers can’t add fund via ecurrencies, the bank account deposit is not available this time etc.  For a new payment processor, maybe it is fine to hear this, as we said before, it has a long way to go and be accepted by users. Fortunately, Epay has announced that all these features will be available soon in the immediate future.