comparisons for payza, perfectmoney, Epay’s affiliate program!!

Payza’s Affiliate Program:
  • Referrals must open a Personal or Business account and send/spend/receive at least $250.
  • Earn $5 for each of your first ten referrals and $10 each for every one after.
  • Self-referrals or referrals from the same IP address or device will not be rewarded.
You will only be rewarded for qualifying referrals who signed up through your link

Perfect Money’s Affiliate Program:
There is 2 way we can make money through perfect money affiliate programs, first is referrals and secondly is banner system.
1.    Just promote perfect money through this URL where account is your ID, You will get your ID after you signup at perfect money website, example: Perfect Money calls your attention to partner program. They offer you to get 1% of annual interest from the minimum monthly balance of your referral. Payment is on monthly basis.
2.  This is might the best way webmaster looking for, by only put perfect money banner into your website or blog you will get $10 x your pagerank say your pagerank is 5 then you will get $10×5=$50 monthly! more website/blog you have more money you can earn through this programs. Example: You have 10 website/blog with pagerank 3 then you will earn each month $10x10x3=$300 each month! fantastic.. I love this programs 

Epay’s Affiliate Program:
Each time a new user signs up for an Epay account via your link or banner, you will receive 3% or 5% of their transaction fees in commission. Please note that we pay referral fees only for transaction where we receive fee (see the fees table). For transaction with zero commission,no referral bonus is paid. All referral bonuses are deducted from Epay fee,meaning we share our earnings with you.


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