what are the difference between paypal, epay, pm, wm, skrill and neteller?

Deposit options
Paypal(paypal.com):  wire transfer, accepts almost all major credit cards and debit cards to deposit
international wire transfer, exchanger, credit card
Perfect Money(perfectmoney.is):  wire transfer, exchanger, bitcoin
Payza(payza.com):  bank wire, credit card, bitcoin
Webmoney(webmoney.ru):  bank wire, prepaid card, credit card, e-currencies etc..
Skrill(www.skrill.com/en/) : bank transfer, credit/debit card, neteller, paysafecard
Neteller(www.neteller.com): credit/debit card, skrill, bitcoin, paysafecard, bank transfer

Withdraw options:

Paypal:  Credit card, debit card, wire transfer. Paypal will charge you a lit bit high fee when you withdraw money under a certain amount, which varies from country to country.
Epay:  International wire transfer, exchanger, credit card. Epay charges only $18 when withdraw via wire transfer, no any extra service fee
Perfect Money:  The funds from your perfect money account can be withdrawn directly to your bank account only via their exchangers.
Payza:  Bank wire, credit card, bitcoin. Payza charges about $15.00 when customers withdraw balance to their bank account.
Webmoney:  Bank wire, prepaid card, credit card, e-currencies. Webmoney charges 1% service fee when taking withdrawl
Skrill: visa card, bank transfer
Neteller: bank transfer, cheque, pay with neteller at associated sites

Transaction fee:

Paypal:  PayPal takes 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and has no setup or monthly fees.
Epay:  It’s free to pay and get paid from one Epay account to another.
Payza:  It is free to send funds via payza and it charges 2.50 % + $2.90 HKD to receive funds
Perfect Money:  Perfect Money charges a fee of 0.5% per transaction.
Webmoney:  Signing up and receiving WebMoney (WM units) from other users is free. Sending WM units to other accounts incurs a fee of 0.8%

Skrill fees for deposit:
Bank transfer - 1% (or perhaps free in some cases?)
Credit/Debit card - 1.9%
Neteller - 1.9%
Paysafecard - 7%
Receiving from other members - 1%
Skrill fees for Withdrawal:
Visa card - €2.95
Bank transfer - €3.95
Sending to other members - 1%

Neteller fees for deposit
Credit/Debit card - 1.9%
Skrill - 1.9%
Bitcoin - 1% ("Bitcoin deposits can be used immediately for transfers to NETELLER merchants or transfers to other members. Bitcoin deposits cannot be used for purchases or withdrawals using your Net+ card")
Paysafecard - 7%
Bank transfer – free
Neteller fees for withdrawl
Bank transfer - €7.50
Cheque - €7.50
Pay with Neteller at associated sites - free
Transfer to other members - 1%


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