What is Epay Virtual Card? What are the benefits of Epay virtual cards?

Epay.com: Virtual Card is completely anonymous account. You can create more than one Virtual Cards to anyone. Make payments or consumption by card number and password.

Epay virtual card is a unique card number that is generated to settle a specific transaction. There is no plastic card involved; instead the number is generated electronically via web.
Epay virtual card number is typically issued for the exact amount of the transaction, significantly reducing the possibility of fraud. In addition to this heightened security, there are many reasons why businesses are rapidly adopting this technology.

Where Can I use a Virtual  Card?
Epay virtual card users can pay to Virtual Card owners or Epay accounts.
Virtual Card can receive money from Epay accounts and Virtual Card users. At present, mainly supports online payment and currency exchange.

What are the benefits of Epay virtual cards?

Pay with privateKeeping your payment information secure. With Privacy, you can create Epay virtual cards to protect your online payments or private Company Information. Cover up your every transaction, enjoy Massive private Payment.

Spending controls–Virtual cards provide an unmatched ability to control all spending parameters. As payment is being issued, unique controls allow the user to place restrictions including:

·         Deposit a maximum charge for each card, which can be set to an exact amount or within a range.
·         The maximum number of Epay Virtual Card  that every time you can create is 500
·         Accept USD CNY EURO GBP HKD from 203 countries and markets and convert them for your convenience in your account.
·         Deposit your virtual card with wire transfer, Ria Money Transfer, Western Union and MoneyGram, Perfect Money, WebMoney.

Simple accountCreate and receive a payment in seconds. No annoying paperwork or complicated verification. Make payments or consumption by card number and password.

Epay.com pay with piracy for every transaction and everyone.