How to withdraw USDT?How to top-up for account via Epay for free?

How to withdraw your USDT?
As you know, when we try to withdraw your USDT on is not accept for this withdraw options. And we truly want it to help everyone to solve this problem.
So now ([url=][/url]) accept Tether to deposit or withdraw only 0.5% fee. See how you will enjoy buy e-currencies with big profit for you!
How to withdraw from USDT?
Most of users will choose “Bitfinex” or ”Bitstamp” for help them withdraw USDT.
But those platforms still face with some inconvenient problem. Such as personal accounts not allowed to withdraw through their platform, even charge the lower rate for withdrawal but it takes too much day for waiting. Sometime it may need to wait for them to process order more 7-15days. Nevertheless, can help you solve these problems
How to withdraw USDT to my bank account via Epay?
1. Get an Epay account
2. Select “deposit” your USTD into your Epay accounts =0.5%
3. Click “withdraw” your Epay balance to your bank account.=1%
4. Done!

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How to top-up for your account via Epay for free?
1. Apply for an [url=http://(]([/url] account.
2. Deposit your funds into Epay account via Wire Transfer,E-currencies, BTC and so on.
3. Choose “Epay” as the method for top-up your Wex USD account =Free
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