How can you cash out your USDT to bank account?

BTC prices are still skyrocketing, and USDT has also been accepted and recognized by the public. And you have probably seen the USDT market a few times and you may even use it regularly. But some may not be fully aware of how to cash out your USDT to bank account.
This guide will give you some ways to cash out USDT to USD.
1. It is convenient and direct without using other payment platforms;
2. Low cost, charge only 0.1%
1. Need Identity Verification, and the process is tedious;
2. Minimum withdrawal amount, 50k or more;
3. Strict banking limitations, many local banks are not supported;
4. Slow processing, manual audit, long waiting time
Anyway, the official explanation of Tether is as follows:
Due to regulatory and banking limitations, withdrawals are restricted to verified corporate customers requesting 50k or more which are not in a restricted location. If you believe you can meet these requirements email with your request information/details.
cash out usdt
using tether to cash usdt out
Advantages: Low cost, charge only 0.1%
1. The operation is inconvenient, and needs two-factor authentication;
2. Slow processing, the normal process takes 5-7 days, Bitfinex official claims that the express wire charged 1% fee processed within 24 hours, than the actual arrival takes 3-4 days.
3) Exchange USDT to USD than cash out via
Advantages: Deposit USDT is free
1. 1 USDT ≠ 1 USD, you need make an exchange from USDT to USD, and it will charge you 0.2% to make exchange between USDT and USD.
 cash out usdt
2. There is a limit per day / month, $25k / Day, $200k / Month.
cash usdt out via kraken
cash out usdt via Epay
1. Basically no limit on cash amount, no matter whether it's big or small, Epay can handle it for you;
2. The verification is simple and fast, and it can be processed within 12 hours;
3. Order processing is very efficient, it only takes 3-5 days.
What's more, except for cash out your USDT to bank account, Epay support multi payment gateways like Perfect Money, AdvCash, PayPal, Payeer, Payza, OKPAY, FasaPay and a large number of cooperative exchangers, any kind of e-currencies you want. Beside, you also can do BTC instant exchange on this payment platform. Have to say, Epay is extremely a super platform.

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